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The Paperworks was a creative arts and music space developed by Corsica Studios in the Elephant and Castle. It started as a meanwhile project that aimed to create a green social space for the local area and quickly became the “go-to” spot of the summer. The Paperworks provided greater visibility for the cultural activities and independent businesses based in the area and by working closely with local organisations we provided a well rounded programme of activities that ranged from high quality music and events to workshops, performances, art and play.

Initially open from Friday to Sunday and set within a dramatic, urban location, The Paperworks built on Corsica Studios’ existing reputation as a much loved and respected club, live music and arts destination and extended their ethos of collectiveness, fun and connectivity into an open air space.

The project launched in July 2014 and was named as “Top of the Pop-Ups 2014” by Time Out. The Paperworks was also shortlisted for The New London Architecture Awards 2015 in the category for Temporary Meanwhile uses.

After a succesful 12 months The Paperworks closed in July 2015.


 The Paperworks presents…

A new street food market for Elephant & Castle. On the 28th June 2018 we're launching a new market on the Elephant and Castle Peninsula , running Wednesday - Friday lunchtimes and Friday dinner! If you're interested in a pitch please get in touch.